What is included in the kit

Our myDipkit water transfer imaging kit comes standard with the following items:

1 x 4 oz aerosol can of activator

1 x Mask

1 x 4 oz Aerosol can of primer

1 x Pair of latex gloves

1 x 4 oz Aerosol can of base coat paint

1 x 3" x 4" scuff pad

1 x 4 oz Aerosol can of clear top coat

1 sq. meter of Film
(pattern based on which kit you choose)

1 x Detailed instructions for the dipping process

What you need to provide

1. Dipping Container: The vessel or container needed for processing.

2. Heated water: You will need to fill your dipping container with heated water. You can use warm water straight from your sink. You do not need to add anything to the water, just make it warm water like you would use to wash your hands. As long as the water is not cold or room temperature you will be ok.

3. Eye protection

Tips for Selecting the Right Dipping Container

The container can be made of any desired material such as plastic, glass or metal. A square or rectangular container is the most desired configuration.The container should be of a size that when you lay your desired part to be processed in the center of the container, you should have two to three inches of space between the sides of the container. Also, the container should be deep enough that when you process your part it will be totally submersed below the water line. Your container can never be too deep, but it can be too shallow.

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