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What is Water Transfer Imaging?
Water transfer imaging, also called curve coating printing, or hydrographics, is a way to transfer an image to a 3D surface. This overcomes problems faced by offset printing, such as, the image not printing in hard to reach areas, or the higher expense of equipment.

The water transfer imaging process can be applied to the surface of materials such as metals, wood, plastic, stone, bakelite, ceramic, etc
What is MyDipKit?
MyDipKit is a do it yourself version of the commercial process known as water transfer imaging. This allows you to process parts on a small scale in your home. The kit contains the printed film, chemicals, and basic supplies needed for processing parts at home.

MyDipKit was designed for the do it yourself enthusiast. The kit is not designed for commercial applications. Its purpose is to give an individual the opportunity to experience first hand Water Transfer Imaging. The end result is based on the capabilities of the individual processing the parts. Professional processors go through a great deal of training and practice to produce quality products with extended longevity and durability. We encourage you to seek professional processors for your commercial needs. There are qualified facilities coast to coast. Click here to email us, and we can recommend a qualified processor near you. Be sure to include your zip code in the email.
Where can I use MyDipKit?
The Only Water Transfer Imaging Kit on the Market
MyDipKit is the original professional grade water transfer imaging kit formulated by the leading North American distributor for the commercial industry of water transfer imaging. The materials in our kit were designed specifically for the hydro-dipping process by individuals with over fifteen years of experience processing parts themselves.

We pre mix and fill our coatings into aerosol containers for your convenience. No need for messy paint canisters that spill and break. And because our paint is pre-mixed it allows for a shelf life of years - not a narrow 30 minute window before the paint is unusable.

So no need to go through the messy and smelly process of cleaning a paint gun by hand with lacquer thinner with every step. Our kit was designed to make camoing your items problem free.

MyDipKit uses high grade urethane coating in our aerosols. We do not use water base coatings.

MyDipKit clear coats are designed for the most durable results possible using a single stage clear. It has superior lifelong performance to multi-stage clears. We don't skimp on the price of the materials included in the kit. We spent over a year in research to provide a high quality clear coat with a hardening agent that cures over time - this means your dipped product will be resistant to the elements to fading and chipping for years to come.

MyDipKit activator is formulated specifically for our films by the leading experts in the industry. We understand that not all films are the same. So our activator was designed to work with all of the patterns on the market - not just a narrow few

Our film selection for the DIY consumer is second to none. We provide over 100 patterns for you to choose from - many of which we created ourselves in house and are difficult to obtain otherwise.

MyDipKit comes with very detailed instructions with the kit. Further, we have our instructional videos that provides you with visual instruction as to how to get the best out of your dipping experience at

And our support speaks for itself. Check out the individual training videos from our wonderful customer created FAQ website at You will find answers to specific questions presented in a professional manner.

We are committed to your success. When needed we provide direct feedback to our customers so that you will have the best experience using our product. So trust that when you order MyDipKit you are getting the best of what the market has to offer, not an imposter. Nothing is more important to us than your satisfaction.

Once you are ready to take your dipping experience to the next level we can help you with equipment and supplies at any level. is there once you make the leap to being a commercial processor.